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Research shows that financial literacy in America has been linked to health outcomes, educational outcomes and overall quality of life. As a result some states have implemented personal finance course requirements in high schools to increase the number of students who have access to a financial education. However, the quality of these courses is inconsistent as there is no standard curriculum, and over 60% of teachers reported feeling unqualified to utilize their state’s financial literacy standards. The Culture of Capital aims to provide a platform that is uniquely dedicated to supporting teachers best teach their students. Our online platform provides a curriculum that is age-appropriate, resources to use and share in and out of the classroom, and a training component that takes approximately 2 hours to complete. This training will provide teachers with further knowledge on financial literacy, its impact, and the potential challenges and barriers that students may face outside of the classroom in the implementation of personal finance. Our training aims to provide teachers with a more holistic understanding of financial literacy in the context of their students while also providing concrete resources and curriculum plans. Schools will be able to buy memberships to our platform and receive access to our resources for their teachers. By supporting teachers in this manner, Culture of Capital will ultimately help to increase the quality of financial education students receive.

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