Crewmate has started B2C as seen with our current product which allows you to generatively find active jobs, create cover letter/resume text, and talk to virtual AI recruiters. Within two weeks of launching our MVP, we gathered 300 monthly active users who queried over 6000 job searches.

After assessing this data, we believe that the value of Crewmate lies in a B2B model where we create white-labeled talent communities for companies that they can send to their applicants. In return, companies can market their products to users already interested in their products who get access to generative technology that helps them land their dream job! An example talent community for Nike can be found here:

Crewmate is venture-backed and has raised over 200k from Soma Capital, Dorm Room Fund, and which has transitioned our team of 2 to working full-time. We are looking to raise a seed round in order to hire more engineers, specifically front-end designers who can help us create templates that our future clients would use.

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