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In 2019, over 65% of US workers were ready to quit their jobs due to stress and depression…and this was before the pandemic. Employees’ main stress points primarily stemmed from ineffective company communication and strained relations with their bosses.

Meet Core Counsel: We’re an interactive, holistic internal communications consultant for business and organizations. We provide deep leadership and conflict resolution training based in Nonviolent Communication to support team leaders in having meaningful and productive work relationships that improve overall staff and business health.

Managers and team leaders alone influence 70% of staff’s engagement, thus our target market consists of U.S. businesses with more than 20 employees and their leadership and management teams–over 700,000 businesses.

As founding director and lead trainer, I come with 9 years of facilitating nonviolent and race-based communications trainings with nonprofits, business, and executive groups in four states, and I look forward to expanding our team as we grow.

The best leaders don’t wait for signs of trouble; they take preventative action to keep their talent and craft meaningful work.

Core Counsel can help you do this.


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