Imagine a dynamic, digital hub designed exclusively for Chinese international students in American universities. That’s us, CORD, solving the problem of disconnectedness and lost potential within this community. I’m Winnie Cho, a co-founder of CORD and our team aims seamlessly reconnecting self-isolated student merchants with the untapped audiences of the international student community

We provide a one stop platform that connects student entrepreneurs to customers, showcases talents, and offers unique services. We’re more than a marketplace—we’re an experience, a vibrant community for these students to thrive.

Our team, understand this community’s needs and have created a solution that transforms student life. Our growth strategy? Build a solid user base, generate revenue via transactions, ads, partnerships, and aim for a million dollars annual revenue within five years.

With the rising Chinese international student community, the time for CORD is now. Join us as we revolutionize student life, one connection at a time.

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