Condwears is a sex-positive, vintage streetwear apparel brand that promotes safe sexual practices and gives the younger generation the knowledge and skills they need for a lifetime of good sexual health. We want our consumers to learn how to have healthy relationships, make informed decisions about sex, think critically about the world, be a good ally to those who are marginalized, and love themselves for who they are. Self-expression is important to us as it helps our consumers reflect on actions, decisions, and beliefs that we all have. By expressing ourselves thoughtfully, we can better communicate, collaborate and build a community with others. We are pushing to make awkward taboo subjects fun and approachable. We are a movement that wants to empower this generation’s voice through the power of clothing. Fashion is an experience and a powerful form of self-expression that is important in positioning our personal values and how we see ourselves within society. There can be a story behind every shirt, dress, bag, or accessory that we wear. That is why our brand is taking a lead in stressing the importance of social responsibility

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