Today’s generation lacks awareness of healthy sexual practices. We have seen a significant increase in STDs, with people aged 15-24 making up most of those cases. Consent in college; remains a major issue, with over 26% of female students experiencing rape or sexual assault, and teenage pregnancies remain a significant contributor to high school dropout rates. Many of these issues stem from a lack of knowledge on abuse, consent, and safer sex.

Condwears is communication platform, promoting social equity, talking about safe sexual practices and providing consumers with captivating designs with a stronger message behind. We want our consumers to learn how to have healthy relationships, make informed decisions about sex, and think critically about the world. We started this company because we wanted to see a different kind of clothing brand that made difficult conversations about sex more approachable, fun, and accessible. We are a movement that wants to empower this generation’s voice through the power of clothing.

Besides being made from 100% sustainable textiles, we will have a weekly blog about ‘Sex Education,’ the ‘Importance of Self-expression,’ ‘Consent in College,’ ‘Understanding Marginalisation,’ and much more. Our unique graphic designs will be derived from our comic book series depicting fun adventures that our protagonist will embark on. We will also provide a help centre platform for consumers to reach out to if they are struggling with issues we are addressing.

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