Flexure Medical

Your spine is a chain of vertebrae connected by discs. As we age, those discs can wear out and squish onto the spinal cord and nerves. The two current treatments are spinal fusion, which is rigid and leads to lack of mobility, and disc replacement, which leads to instability. Patients and surgeons need an option that not only maintains spinal stability, but also promotes spinal movement.  

Flexure Medical has created a single-body, 3D printed, titanium artificial disc that provides increased patient safety, improved robustness, more adaptable geometry, and less complex assembly than the current artificial discs on market. Our device is the only cervical disc that matches the natural biomechanics of the spine without using squishy polymers. In addition, this patent-pending technology is cheap to produce and offers profit margins of about 97% in a multi-billion dollar industry. x

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