Compass is a platform that streamlines patient intake, scheduling, & follow-up via SMS, allowing patients the benefits of asynchronous and automated scheduling that can happen faster than the existing process of calling or physically visiting a clinic in order to get registered with their system. Compass offers new patients the ability to register with a clinic they want to be seen at and gives both new & existing patients the option to schedule appointments and receive pertinent follow-up care and reminders after their in-person or telemedicine visit. Compass itself was built with a Twilio API involving proprietary workflows and features the ability to integrate with clinic scheduling platforms or electronic health record (EHR) systems themselves, creating an end-to-end patient-facing system that effectively & efficiently increases the number of soft touchpoints a patient has with their healthcare provider.

In July 2020, we piloted with five Affinia Healthcare Clinics in the Greater St. Louis area, using a similar SMS model & approach exclusively focused on triaging COVID-19 symptomatology to shunt prospective patients to nearby clinics using their zip code & social demographics. We serviced 250 unique users across the span of four weeks with only internal referrals conferred by Affinia to their patient population. We understand this initial data to be a proof of concept of our approach, and we are currently enrolling clinics for our national RCT beginning January 2022.

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