Over 3.2 million students apply to college every year and 80% of reported to be lost during the process. When they do get into college, students face extremely high costs, with the average tuition being $32,720 growing 6.8% annually. But we can help both of those problems. Coeus is the first multi-vendor platform that connects college students as editors to high school students who want to get college essays edited for an affordable price. While most current college essay editing services are expensive and closed off to new editors, Coeus allows any college student to apply and be a part of the marketplace and set their own prices which integrates a basic rule of competition that will drive down prices while keeping quality high for the high school students. High school students would be able to find the college editor best for them, view their profile, and get high-quality editing alongside insider advice about what their dream college is like and what to mention in essays.

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