Clean Sky Capital

Clean Sky Capital will power clean futures through profitable investments in renewable energy infrastructure. With investments in our private equity fund you can make a dent in climate change – AND create real returns in the process.

Currently “Funds that allow you invest in renewable energy” exist most commonly for small community projects or overseas, whereas the US market is flooded with funds that claim environmentally status (ESG), but actually hold positions with oil companies and the like.

Over 60% of ESG funds receive a failing grade when held up to environmental standards. At the same time, climate change is a growing problem, and the US market is seeing a generational wealth transfer to Gen X and Millennials who are looking for new climate and socially conscious ways to invest.

We are creating a private fund that facilitates investments in renewable energy infrastructure which will be the cleanest investment product available. Our portfolio of real assets, solar and wind farms, earns our clients re-occurring low-risk payments on a quarterly basis, while expanding our world’s use of renewable energy over fossil fuels.

This low-risk investment is secured by both the underlying assets and cash flow, our portfolio makes money for our clients by selling the electricity back to the grid. Because electricity is a utility that people buy no matter what, we can feel confident on our model of quarterly returns.

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