57% of the workforce is too busy to make breakfast, so they compromise nutrition for speed and convenience. We choose to eat sugary cereals, donuts, muffins, or oats giving us a sugar crash that leaves us tired by lunchtime.

ChiChi is the convenient, super healthy, and absurdly delicious breakfast for busy, health-conscious people who face the same problems we did. ChiChi is a chickpea-based breakfast company that plans to replace carb-heavy oats with high-protein chickpeas in a variety of breakfast products. Compared to oats, chickpeas naturally have 2x the amount of protein, lower net carbs, and are 100% gluten-free. High protein and low sugar are important for maintaining sustainable energy. If you eat ChiChi, you won’t get a sugar crash, and are energized all morning! In addition, high-protein breakfast products are packed with overprocessed, chalky protein powders whereas ChiChi provides all-natural protein.

Our first product chickpea oatmeal comes in three flavors Apple Almond Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate Blueberry, and Peanut Butter Banana and we are currently selling ChiChi on our website Our team is pushing for sales through our website, farmers’ markets, and on WashU’s campus. We are looking for 2 summer interns to help with marketing, operations, and to help cook ChiChi! If you have any questions about our business or are interested in interning this summer feel free to reach out at my email Our team is passionate about our product and confident that we are filling a gap in the breakfast aisle.

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