Chef Curry’s

Chef Curry’s Began as a tasty alternative to McCluer High School’s free lunch and breakfast. After listening to his student peers and getting feedback for the next two years, Chef Curry enhanced and produced some of the city’s most exquisite brownies.

During that time, Chef Curry began to visit small markets, gaining brand awareness while sharing his love for baking with the Greater Saint Louis Community. From attending these events, Chef Curry’s was able to network with other local businesses and has since signed wholesale contracts. Though we look forward to bigger and brighter business ventures, we don’t forget where it all began.

We’ve initiated a mentorship program for young entrepreneurs, providing students at MHS with opportunities for experience and guidance under our Brand. With the help, Chef Curry’s will operate as a storefront on the south forty. We will continue to operate as a wholesale bakery in Saint Louis, selling to the student body while continuing our business in the greater Saint Louis area via our online store and door-dash. Our founder has seen firsthand the disparities in resources within these districts. He seeks to give back to the community that raised him, providing fellow young dreamers with hope and means for more than the cards they’ve been dealt. We aspire to create the Chef Curry Scholars Program which will fund a scholarship to select student entrepreneurs within the Ferguson-Florissant School District as they venture on to college.

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