According to a 2016 LG survey, low battery anxiety grips 9 out of 10 people. If you’ve ever spent a day out without your phone charger, especially when traveling, you’ve probably encountered the problem of running low on battery in public. In addition, many people have older phones that consistently run low on battery, or engage in activities that quickly drain battery life. What if it was possible to access a network of portable charging pods whenever you were on-the-go? The idea behind Charge&Go is to deploy of network of charging stations that include portable “pods” that can be removed from one station and dropped off at another. To know where charging pods are available, Charge&Go’s app will maintain a live map of available pods near you. The charging stations can be either solar-powered (if they’re outside or near a window) or plugged into electrical outlets. While there are charging stations that currently exist in public spaces, they are not ubiquitous, and they do not enable people to move around while charging their devices. With a maximal number of charging stations running on solar power and pods built out of eco-friendly materials, sustainability is a top concern for Charge&Go. And with either an unlimited subscription or pay-as-you-go fee model, Charge&Go has a clear path to financial viability. Let’s solve the problem of consistently low battery life in public spaces with Charge&Go’s on-the-go charging pods!

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