What’s an issue that you really care about?

Whether it is pollution, or human rights, the truth is that we all care about something around us to some degree. But for a lot of people, committing to that cause is hard, especially when you have no idea where your donation is going to and how it is going to change the world. This is proven by our market research data, where 64% of our 89 responses reports that the lack of transparency is what’s stopping them from donating.

Centify solves this problem by creating platform that incentives transparency in donation usage. First, charity organizations must post their specific needs and donation goals. Second, the platform allows users to choose which needs to donate to and how close the organization is to completing their donation goal for a specific need. This helps bridge the information gap between the organization and the donators and builds trust between the two sides.

Centify creates a user friendly experience for St. Louis students and young professionals to donate to the 1100 local charities and 500 local fundraisers (givestlday.org). Centify helps discover charities through building a personalized feed based on user values. This not only helps potential donators to find their match, it also creates an easy way for charity organizations to share their progress and what they have done.

For our MVP, we will be building a mobile app for The Missouri Abortion Fund, to implement transparency in their donations.

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