CeleRx Africa: Fix Africa’s broken pharma supply chain-one medication at a time

In Africa, the counterfeit drug market accounts for $80 billion of the $200 billion global total—a staggering 40%. Furthermore, 70% of medications on the continent are imported, exacerbating supply chain vulnerabilities. Beginning our work in Ghana, CeleRx aims to provide secure, quality-controlled, and affordable generic medications, including those that are hard to source. We have set our sights on capturing 1% of Africa’s $45 billion pharmaceutical market within the next three years. To accomplish this, we directly source from reputable manufacturers, eliminating middlemen and using technology to strengthen the supply chain. CeleRx is committed to ensuring high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), a secure logistics network, full regulatory compliance, and responsive customer service. Comprising healthcare professionals and MBAs, our interdisciplinary team actively seeks mentors in healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and technology to help scale our impact.

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