Carbon Refinery

Our concept is Sustainability Seed, a 3 stage company developing and implementing sustainable infrastructure for the purpose of recycling carbon waste and steering society onto a sustainable course.

Our first step is the Carbon Refinery (CaRe). This facility is a combination of anaerobic digester, industrial composter, and biomass generator, operating in synergy. By allowing heat exchange between the 3 processes we can optimize and sterilize, reducing our energy costs. Our facility will be able to handle multiple types of carbon waste, shortening logistic requirements and redefining carbon waste in the region, and eventually around the world. Our facility will also create useful carbon products from these processes most notably Renewable Natural Gas and Biochar.

CaRe will be built in either existing quarries or abandoned mines, not only using undesirable land; but also allowing us to sequester carbon in a safe and more importantly accessible manner.

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