Caralyst Health

Caralyst Health provides patients with highly individualized physican profiles to browse and connect with through a humanstic, 3-layer matching algorithm that encompasses 2 years of research, patient preferences, and a feedback learning system that learns from reviews by other patients with similar traits. Patients would be able to see exactly the reasons they matched with a doctor, and reasons why they didn’t match.

Through hundreds of user interviews & market research, we have proven the need on both sides. Doctors are altruisticly motivated – they have no tool to allow them to filter and treat for patients that they’re good at supporting, and instead take in any patient, even if they’re not compatible, and would likely lead to non-adherence & increased acquisition costs. Doctors not employed at large hospitals also have no way of marketing themselves to patients, and rely on word of mouth to acquire patients, or through ZocDoc, which heavily cuts into their profit margins.

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