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Finding the perfect doctor for you is hard. 55% of Americans are not satisfied with their primary care doctor. 52% of Americans have faced discrimination while seeking care. These problems result in non-adherence costs of $289 billion dollars per year, over 125,000 deaths per year, and almost 10% of all U.S hospitalizations. Through hundreds of surveys and interviews, it’s been found that trust is the missing piece in a dysfunctional patient/doctor relationship. Here at Caralyst, we’ve developed an intelligent matching algorithm that takes both doctor and patient preferences into account in order to find the most compatible physicians for each patient! We offer complete transparency as well, showing the patient EXACTLY why we recommend certain physicians, as well as giving reasons to perhaps look for someone else. We give the power back to the patient. Our product is fully launched on the physician side and we are looking for volunteer physicians for beta testing. Eventually, we will leverage our review system to provide healthcare systems with granular healthcare metrics, such as LGBTQ patient satisfaction, or low-income patient satisfaction. With this data, healthcare systems will be able to better train their physicians to be culturally competent. Check us out at!

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