Capsule Corps.

Problem: As antibiotic-resistance has become more prevalent, we need to come up with other methods to treat associated infections. In treating gastrointestinal infections, tending a patient’s gut bacteria with a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) is a very effective and cheap measure. Yet FDA bans most of its usage, because of the risks from unscreenable, dangerous microorganisms in the transplant.

Capsule Corps. tackles this problem by physically isolating the bacteria transplant, thus eliminating the risk of unknown infections. 

Structural Integrity: The capsule is made of hydrogel, and is wrapped with a soft yet anti-fatigue hydrogel membrane. The materials allow the capsule to quickly imbibe water when it reaches the stomach, withstand mechanical pressure & corrosion, and contain pores.

Treatment: Inside the hydrogel, a cell-free, mimic membrane system is installed for the transplant army to produce & transport antimicrobial peptides (naturally produced ammunition that are expensive to synthesize elsewhere) and compete with infectious bacteria for glucose and other resources. The membrane also keeps all bacteria/viruses from the donor inside the device.

Risk-aversion: To remove the device, the patient would drink a small amount of liquid, and the capsule would de-swell right out of the stomach. The device embeds a small bio-compatible energy harvesting system, sustaining stomach acid powers sensors, culture wells and bluetooth to ensure everything’s intact.

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