Campus Creamery

The idea is to open a late-night ice cream shop located right in the South 40 (the area of WashU where all freshman and most sophomore housing is located). College students naturally demand food late at night, especially on weekends when they don’t go to sleep until very late. Instead of typical hard-serve flavors, the plan is to sell cereal-infused ice cream. That means the customer would choose either a vanilla or vegan vanilla ‘base’ and a variety of “mix-in’s”, giving customers the chance to customize their flavor. Luckily, that makes the business plan relatively simple. The only expensive equipment needed would be a freezer and mixer. What makes this idea special is the unique opportunity that I have here at WashU. The storefronts on the South 40 are centrally located within a village of over 3,000 college kids, which may be the best possible spot for a late night ice cream store. It is also important to me that the store is not only place to get food, but a place to hang out.

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