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Along with COVID-19, the importance of mental health awareness is promoted by the community. Many organisations start providing mental health services however, there is a blind corner in effective counseling. It is language. People tend to speak in their native language when they express their feelings and emotions. This has been proved in my local community, where we have done supporting over 2,000 clients in psychosocial and counseling.

I believe this would be the same for migrant communities in the United States where Latinos, Chinese, and other Asian minorities including Burmese want to express themselves in their own language it creating more understanding between clients and their counselors. It is time to work on this idea for the U.S. community. I want to start this idea in connecting Bumrese community in U.S. to the Burmese-speaking counselors, and mental health practitioners over a video conferencing platform so that any Burmese could have a safe space online regardless of where they are.

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