Today, it is impossibly clunky to collect unique, user-generated digital collectibles via real-world interactions. If we want to obtain unique digital collectibles, it requires expert timing during live mints, searching overpriced offers on resale markets, or having the technical expertise to create your own NFT collection to market. How can we enable users to easily create and collect unique digital collectibles through exciting real-world interactions?


CacheIt is a cross-platform mobile app that combines cutting-edge technologies to enable users to participate in exciting, user-made scavenger hunts in the real-world and obtain unique digital collectibles as a result. Users can create personalized geocaches with the help of AI-generated origin stories and artwork. Users can then search other geocaches by traversing the real-world and obtain a representative digital collectible upon locating the geocache. We use an OpenAI text completion model, the fastest and most humanlike yet, as well as a native-based AR engine that integrates with react native. The digital assets are deployed on Ethereum, which has achieved promising increases in scalability.

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