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There are plenty of places to get coffee on campus, but all of them are too expensive, too artificial, or have too long of a line. Yet 70% of college students still buy their own coffee over making it! The result is students paying $3 for crappy coffee, whereas homemade cold brew costs $0.25, on average, a cup to make.

We mix coffee with spices and pack them into individual cold brew pods. We then ship consolidated orders of 10- and 14-packs to on-campus ambassadors, who deliver directly to dorm mail rooms. That way, students can get their cold brew packs without changing out of their PJs.

We’re targeting on campus students, 72% of which drink coffee. In the US, that coffee market for first-years alone is $3.7 billion and growing at a CAGR of 8%. At WashU, the market is just under $2 million annually (a bit under $300 per student per year).

We’ll be competing with on- and off-campus coffee shops, retail stores & grocery stores, and e-commerce outlets. Our single-serving bag is the easiest way for students to enjoy the flavor of coffee they want at the price they need, without the artificial ingredients they hate.

Priced at $9.99, our weekly subscription will have a margin of about 29%. This includes the costs for coffee, flavorings, student ambassador compensation, and labor. We are a team of 3 Coffee Loving MBA students with backgrounds in marketing, operations, and education, and we are excited to bring better, more affordable coffee to students nationwide!

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