Bridge the Gap of Foreign Education

There are hundreds of thousands of brilliant, hardworking, and bright students who wish to study in the United States. Do you think language barriers, financial pressures, or cultural schock will hinder their efforts? The answer is no. Information gap is the single most fundamental disadvantage students of emerging countries face. Coherent, comprehensive, and concise information in their own languages in their own countries will enable students to grasp the opportunities for foreign education. “How about WashU has student ambassadors from each country (not regional because it’s too big) who can provide information in that country’s native language. The country ambassador works with students who have difficulty understanding holistic admission procedures that are not in their home country, as well as ambassadors who can demystify admission myths and misinformation among high school and undergraduate students. In spite of learning English and getting a 100 on the IBT, it took me 10 years to understand what holistic admission is and how I should prepare myself. I think there are others like me.

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