College students are constantly surrounded by inspiration: they work, live, and learn in an environment suited for innovation, energized by their classmates and the creative atmosphere of university. Ideas for business, products, or organizations are formed, but many are forgotten, or never successfully launched. Why? Many students don’t know where to start. They need support to bring an idea to life, from all disciplines. BrainStorm will give individuals with business, product, or creative ideas an online workspace to post in search of team members, and those interested in the idea will have a place to discuss with the creator and decide if the team is for them. The platform will provide a place for the team to flesh out their idea and are ready to bring it to the next level. BrainStorm  will include specialized channels tailored to underrepresented groups in the entrepreneurial space to connect. BrainStorm is a chance for young entrepreneurs to get excited, learn, and grow together.

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