Over 83% of parents say that finding childcare is a major problem for them, and the attrition rates of childcare providers during the pandemic have accelerated this crisis to a boiling point. Home daycare providers care for approximately 30% of all infants and toddlers in the US, however, they’re becoming burnt out by increasing administrative tasks and low profits in the industry.  While this is the most popular type of childcare in the US, centers are struggling to achieve profitability and legitimize their businesses.  bonhome is a web-app and consulting company that simplifies the process of opening and running a home daycare. By automating tasks like check-in documentation and food ordering/reimbursement, we free providers to focus on providing better childcare. Our technological solutions like digital marketing and website management, help modernize and professionalize home daycare centers  so that they can charge a fair fee for their services and run more successful businesses.

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