Black Mindful Connections

In the Black community, mental health disparities are often compounded by the psychological stress of systemic racism. I believe if Black adult singles address the psychological impact of historical systemic oppression through mental health therapy, their ability to establish impactful relationships will lead to an increase in healthy marriages. My Black Future vision includes a society in which 30 something year old Black women and older who are unpartnered and weighted by the false narrative of undesirability, are given a chance to find sustainable love. With the launch of my dating app, Black Mindful Connections, clients will invest in themselves by going to therapy before joining. This platform aims to open the lines of communication around mental health and wellness while destigmatizing conversations about therapy early in the relationship journey. The app will also connect those without therapists to local providers of color through an in-app database. Black Mindful Connections aims to mend distrusting relationships between Black patients and health providers by linking providers of color with those looking to join the BMC community. The long-term vision of my Black Future is to grow more Black families and achieve upward mobility through the combining of resources available through marriage. Black Mindful Connections is committed to creating a dating app that is culturally adaptable for Black singles looking to heal from generational trauma and find love.

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