Biometric Flock Solutions

Sheep farmers need precise data on their flocks’ health and breeding patterns to make effective management decisions. The problem is that nearly all flock monitoring is manually collected by farmhand laborer observation, which is inefficient and costly. This is shocking, especially considering sheep are the 3rd most common farm animal worldwide with 1.2B sheep farmed globally. Australia’s sheep market alone is worth $3.1B.

Enter Biometric Flock Solutions. We use new advancements in precision livestock farming (PFL) technology to automate flock monitoring. We develop biometric sensors and machine-learning powered software that displays key flock breeding and health analytics on any farmer’s smart device. PFL will achieve an expected 9% CAGR and $4.8B market size by 2025, and is set to completely disrupt the sheep farming industry. Help us revolutionize one of the least digitized industries in the world with Biometric Flock Solutions!

-Pitched/founded by Blair Donner & Shuai Guo

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