Many smartphone users keep some of their credit cards or cash with their phone. They resort to stick-on phone wallets or, even worse, stashing their cards under their phone case for more safety. Constantly bending your phone case back and forth can break the case or your phone and is inconvenient. Stick-on wallets are insecure–they could rip off, or your cards could fall out after the rubber stretches out over time. They make it harder to slide your phone into your pocket! Existing phone cases with built-in card holders allow your cards to fall out and make it irritating to access cards at the bottom of the stack.

We’ve invented a phone case that fully conceals your credit cards inside a sealed pouch and provides easy access to each card, all while maintaining a sleek design. Bilby is named after the marsupial, as our phone case stores your cards like a marsupial protects its young.

We are a team of business and engineering students seeking funding, advisors, and anyone with experience manufacturing or designing products (CAD, mechanical engineers).

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