Big Easy Daiquiris

Due to the state’s relaxed liquor laws, daiquiri drive-throughs have been popular in Louisiana for over thirty years. Recent changes to Missouri statute have made it possible for Missouri to follow suit, opening up a new avenue of investment in alcoholic beverage sales. The concept is simple: a cost-conscious building with a small footprint, wall-to-wall daiquiri machines, and a drive-through window.

The initial investment is considerably lower than a traditional bar because there is no indoor seating. All transactions are done through a drive-through window (think Andy’s Frozen Custard). The premade nature of frozen daiquiris means that Big Easy will be capable of moving customers quickly through the ordering process. This also allows for lower payroll because one person can manage transactions and drink dispensing.

Potential locations would target high-traffic commuting corridors similar to a fast-food restaurant or car wash.

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