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In March 2020, when the entire world went online, one area of society which was disproportionately impacted was our students in schools across the country. As a result of schools going online, the Brooking Institute estimates that student proficiency slid back as much as 33% across the country. Meanwhile, McKinsey predicts that students will have lost between 3-14 months of learning compared to typical in-classroom teaching. Ironically, at a time when students most need extra tutoring help, the average price of such high-quality private services remains at $60+ per hour, rendering them unaffordable on a recurring basis for most families. 

In order to solve this problem of affordability, we launched BENCHMARK LEARNING — a high-quality, affordable, online private tutoring service specializing in Mathematics, English, Science and Coding, for K to 12 students across the US. Our turn-key, personalized service is priced at just $15 per hour.

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