Beacon Tags

Americans spend 2.5 days looking for and 2.7 billion dollars replacing lost items annually.  We want to make losing stuff a thing of the past. Bluetooth trackers may have your valuables covered, but we’re here for what sort of matters, like water bottles, headphones, chargers, or whatever you want. Beacon Tags help others help you, by making it easy and secure for them to let you know where your stuff is when you leave it behind.

Beacon Tags are…

Effective: > 75% of items are found within 3 days and finders can help in only 30 seconds. 

Secure: No in-person meetups or exchange of contact info needed.

Affordable: At only $1 per sticker, Beacon Tags are low-cost enough to put on everything. 

We are a team of computer science majors looking for mentorship and investment to help grow our business and gain market share. 

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