When we go out to social events, we’re forced to wear restrictive, uncomfortable formal clothing or cheaper apparel with boring designs that don’t speak to who we are. After interviews with 50 potential customers this summer, I’ve identified dance hobbyists as the core consumer who enjoys dance socially and often has to sacrifice something when making apparel purchases.

I discovered a simple solution to combine functionality and style to give you premium “dance-leisure” apparel! This is Bailembao (Bailar con Tumbao), meaning “Dance with Rhythm.” The “tumbao” carries two meanings; it is the basic Conga drum rhythm used in Afro-Caribbean music and also means swag. I’ve tested product designs with significant interest, including a 3-piece top, biker shorts and skirt accessories for women, and a cutting-edge dress shirt with dressy jogger pants for men.

Bailembao is premium dance-leisure apparel that is functional and stylish, giving you the tumbao to take on any new environment.

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