Bailembao (Short for “Bailar con tumbao,” or “dance with rhythm”) solves the fashion problems that many club-goers suffer from, deciding between sweaty clothing that moves poorly and doesn’t last long or unfashionable items that aren’t made for movement. Bailembao creates a product that incorporates style and comfort using unique fabric formulas and designs. Cocona Coconut Fabric Enhancer, Coffee Grounds Fabric, and Peruvian Pima Cotton regulate temperature, facilitate movement, and prevent odor and sweat stains. The designs incorporate feedback from 100 + customer interviews, solving fundamental problems people face, like sweaty shirts while dancing, tight pants, and revealing skirts. The market is 21-35-year-old club-goers living in metropolitan areas. Unlike competitors, Bailembao’s mission is to get people on the dance floor through stylish & functional, versatile apparel that is sustainably sourced & built for movement to allow customers to Bailembao – dance with rhythm.

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