1. Autowear was formed in August 2nd 2020 .The word Auto means youths with good deeds and intentions.In our community like 75% of the youths end up in crime drug abuse and teenage pregnancy but we decided to change the face of our community and try make a different picture and bring positive change among the youths, so we decided to do things automatically and not manually which brought up the name Auto . We decided to start making tshirt which will in turn pass the message to the community and also benefit us financially,of which we did and the brand was well accepted and generated some capital. So we decided that in every tshirt we sell 10% was to help buy sanitary towels to teenage girls in our community who were unable to get access to the sanitary towels due to financial difficulties which has been a great success, the group for donating sanitary towels and other essentials is known as MDEM WA MTAA INITIATIVE and we are the founders with the help of three other girls with the same vision we had, it has also helped us to support our families not that much but at least it helped.

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