Augmented Reality T-shirt

Hi all. Max Suiter, Olin/Sam Fox 17′.
Im looking for someone to help me create an AR Fashion web based App called AR. T.
Here are the basics:
A user creates a unique code from a list of icons (ex: Yellow “4” green square, orange “B” and red cat.)
2. This code is printed on a shirt (or any other scannable customizable object.)
3. The user scans their own code, and applies AR content to it. (Dancing hotdog, video link, 3D emoji representing their current mood, a status update, etc) The user may also attach additional content to an AR icon. For instance, the user may apply a smile emoji, and attach the statement “Just got a new job!” to it. When a viewing user clicks on the smile emoji, they will see this attached content.
4. a viewing user scans the shirt with their smart device (or AR headset), and is able to see the social content the original user applied to the shirt. the viewing user may also comment on the users content, and attach 3D AR content to them (the code). The reading user may also be directed to create their own code.

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