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Around the world, there are 400 million deaf students with inadequate access to STEM education. Without access to the common vocabulary needed for classes like biology or chemistry, deaf students are steered away from STEM careers at alarming rates, a massive loss of potential for our population. Compared to their hearing peers, DHH students also earn lower grades in their STEM classes. As Deaf professionals now develop those crucial ASL signs, young students need an engaging way to learn them. Today, there are no digital tools targeted towards doing so.

ASL Aspire builds online games to teach STEM literacy to K-12 deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) students and teachers. Combining research-based games and play with cutting edge machine learning and teacher tools, ASL Aspire is on track to being the premiere learning platform for sign language users globally. Our mission is to make joyful, standardized STEM education available for students of all ability levels.

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