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75% of all Americans use supplements to reach their health goals; from the basic daily multivitamin, to obscure plant extracts, all done in the search for an improved quality of life. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of many of these supplements often mislead these Americans, either intentionally, to oversell ineffective products, or unintentionally, through their own misunderstanding of the research. This is exemplified simply by the current state of magnesium supplementation, where consumers know they are deficient in the mineral, and yet the biggest brands are selling magnesium oxide, which has been known for decades to have single-digit bioavailability percentage values. At best this leads to customer distrust, at worst it can legitimately jeopardize health.

This is why we founded Ascent Labs. We use real research to deliver results you can really feel. We’ve started by addressing what we believe is the most impactful domain of health within our reach: sleep. Melatonin can be hugely impactful, but most oral forms are utterly ineffective. Our Instant Sleep and Deep Sleep natural, drug-free melatonin nasal sprays have helped thousands of customers reach real, restful sleep, by using nasally-administered melatonin to boost endogenous melatonin secretion, thereby improving sleep onset and sleep consolidation. It’s been used by frequent travelers to prevent jetlag, elderly care patients to reduce nighttime awakenings, and shift workers to achieve healthy rest in spite of detrimental conditions.

We’re a team with experience in nanoengineering, neuroscience, and imaging science, and are excited to work with impact drivers to grow Ascent Labs and reach scaled distribution.

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