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Postpartum hemorrhage, defined as severe bleeding after delivery, is the global leading cause of maternal death and morbidity. It is at least 3x more deadly for black mothers in the US compared with non-black mothers, yet more than 90% of these deaths are preventable through early detection and treatment. Postpartum hemorrhage is most often detected by visual blood loss estimation or weighing of blood-soaked intraoperative sponges, leading to delayed and inaccurate diagnoses. We have therefore developed Maternal aRMOR as a wrist-worn, point-of-care sensor that obstetric providers can use to detect early hemorrhage (when inexpensive and accessible interventions are most effective). Our team is led by WUSTL alumni and faculty with deep expertise in developing light-based tools to solve global problems in women’s health. We are a seed-stage company with a fully-wearable engineering prototype, developed at WUSTL, that has undergone preclinical feasibility testing and is currently undergoing testing in pregnant patients. We are actively seeking funding for our upcoming clinic unit development milestone and looking to connect with expert advisors and mentors.

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