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In the past 4 months I have been developing an app/platform that helps users create better argumentative texts in Spanish. Building on my Spanish-Linguistics knowledge and apps already available in the market (Zapier, Typeform, Plumsail) I designed a questionnaire-like platform that asks the user some short questions to help him/her creative better arguments. Then the platform delivers a certain outcome text organized and corrected depending on the user’s pick: so far I have an MVP that produces emails and meeting bullet points, and I am working in a version that will deliver a Power Point presentation.

Given the huge growth of Spanish language usage in the US this service will provide thousands of workers or students the opportunity to craft better arguments based on a effective communication model which I have been teaching in Chile for more than 10 years. This model relies on asking the user key questions in every argumentative text writing process, like “what is your credibility towards the audience”, “what is that you want to accomplish”, “what are the facts that support your claims”, etc.

In the future I am looking forward to develop this app inhouse so it does not rely solely on other web apps like Typeform and Plumsail. I have tested this MVP with some workers at some Chilean companies with great success so far.

Even though the app works in Spanish, everyone is welcome to try it out to see how it works here:

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