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When a first-year students enters the college world they are meet with loads of career information. They are informed of the importance of networking, LinkedIn, Handshake, and other tools to market themselves to the workplace. However, the issue is that most first-years have been working the past four-years to build resumes for the college admissions process. Their activities have been shaped to be viewed by an admissions office rather then by a hiring manager. On top of that, most freshman aren’t even all that sure of their major, making a demonstrated major a poor way of determining someones interests or abilities. Therefore, my idea is a platform that gives freshman a survey that touches on multiple different aspects of their interests, personality, and how they work best. After this profile is created, clubs and employers who are interested in motivated, curious, and refreshing new members to their team will have a more authentic way of finding their best fit. The model behind the app will be freshman will create an account where they can make a short profile and bio about themselves. Then they will be required to take three surveys (interests, personality, skills). The results of which they will not see (as it would encourage people to answer misleadingly in order to achieve a desired survey result rather then being authentic). They can then submit their profiles to desired employers for review. This information will be clearly and readily laid out for clubs and employers. The business model revolves around the employers paying a monthly subscription to maintain their business or club on the page, as well as running ads for the user. However, these fees may be able to be covered by student unions balances in many cases. The service remains free to users.

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