AirSeal: cFAS Diagnostics for Cardiovascular Disease

Peripheral arterial disease(PAD), a type of cardiovascular diseases, impacts 15 million people in the US. PAD progression is NO.1 trigger of amputation. The challenge for PAD treatment is lack of effective & easy-acquired indicators of disease severity, which doctors need to prescribe different treatments. Classical blood test on lipid profile has no insights on PAD.

We discovered a biomarker – circulating serum fatty acid synthase(cFAS), specifically indicating PAD progression. cFAS has been verified over 200 patients and patented at WashU; proved accurate to PAD progression and robust to clinical conditions(diabetes) & medications(statin). cFAS assay can be easily integrated into existing lab test system. We will start clinical trials and produce cFAS diagnostic kit once got FDA approval. The US market for cardiovascular diagnostics is $2 billion annual with a CAGR > 9% in next 5 yrs. We are discussing collaboration with a diagnostic company shown interests in cFAS assay.

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