This summer, I traveled to Ethiopia and Egypt to visit family members. While I was there, I noticed that my aunt’s neighbors had a young girl around the age of 15 who I saw washing clothes by hand at least three times during my month long stay. Watching her work so hard to wash her entire family’s laundry inspired me to bring laundry mats to Ayat Tafo, which was the city we stayed in and it gave me the idea to globalize laundry mats all over Africa. It made me realize that creating large, efficient, and cheap laundry mats throughout all of Africa could empower so many girls to dedicate that time that they used to wash clothes to doing homework and focusing on their own clubs and organizations. I seek support with Market Analysis to understand the laundry mat business in America, to better understand how I can bring it abroad to the Global South. I also want mentors who can help me build a team and develop my product (efficient washing and drying coin machines).

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