A Hard Act to Follow

A Hard Act to Follow is an organization ran by a disabled man, aiming to assist those with disabilities who want to do whatever they can to regain their independence. In addition to providing regular, Missouri healthcare, we want to implement a reward program–where we would pick certain eligible home healthcare clients who would be shown and taught to perform daily living skills that they’ve otherwise had others do for them. Those interested, empowered individuals, would be able to receive a check directly from us or the government, rather than have a check go to their caregiver. We recognize that, incentives give an individual the curiosity, as well as the ambition, to become certified in their ability to be independent. This would be provided to clients who are eligible for either medicaid, or private care. These individuals would have a journal to detail what they do and how their independence is going, alongside weekly inspections to make sure everything detailed reflects in the home, and encouragement and affirmation. Once the client is deemed independent, we will ensure that the client will continue to receive their benefits, so long as they’re Medicaid-eligible, or if a loved one decides their relative needs to stay in the program. In short, our organization is not here to reinvent the wheel of home healthcare, but to change home healthcare for the better, for all those who are involved.

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