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Green Bolt

Create a lightweight mobile charging pad. This charging pad will be easily recharged using renewable resources and available for multiple input energy supplies. Additionally, it will be able to recharge items autonomously or by using user input.

Trinity Systems

An application that automates unplugging of electronic appliances using smartwatch and actigraphy technology, in order to eliminate Phantom Energy losses from households.

GoAway Bands- For US Defense

GoAway bands helps the soldiers to track their Physical readiness, Nutritional readiness, Spiritual readiness, Mental readiness and Sleep readiness.

Digital Simulation Guitar Pedal

A guitar pedal that uses a microcontroller to allow the guitar to sounds like other instruments by isolating the fundamental frequency and adding the carrier frequencies of the desired instrument.


A tactical stethoscope that is compact and functional for the warfighter.


One Stop solution to all your flying needs!!


Booster helps musicians grow on TikTok by connecting them to content creators and allowing them to pay for promotions with royalties.


Our idea is a template for creating your own Gig Economy: we take care of all the complicated software so you can make your own Uber.


We propose to utilize electroporation and/or electrophoresis to facilitate the endovascular application and intraluminal penetration of therapeutic agents.

The Baek’d Company

Two Baes on a mission to provide cannabis users with delicious and fun alternatives to smoking—munchies to give you the munchies.


Business decision support tool on the foundation of optimization modeling and AI.

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