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SaaS based EMR and practice management software for healthcare professionals in Emerging Markets

Memory Keepers

Memory Keepers was developed to support people with early to moderate stage dementia. Our services include support groups based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), and other evidence-based interventions. We want to make this program available online for anyone to deliver.


UnVale will change how people develop, explore, and express their identities online by enabling users to trade their identity-based collectible avatars used for fan, gaming and VR communities.


User-owned, social staffing network for 82.3M hourly workers

Minimally Invasive Surgical Device for Prostate Enlargement

More than half of men over 50 suffer from urinary problems and reduced quality of life due to prostate enlargement or BPH. Our minimally invasive surgical device provides a rapid and permanent relief of BPH symptoms without complications.

The pcBee

A low cost desktop circuit board printer that can create high accuracy boards quickly. By reducing costs and production times, we offer a product that will supercharge the Rapid Prototyping Industry, doing to circuit boards what 3D printing did to plastics


Wayfarer is a knowledge-sharing platform that helps libraries, schools, and nonprofits elevate and gamify their underused resources.


Pareto makes getting dressed the easiest part of the day through making high quality wardrobe essentials (imagine Patagonia for the “everyday” category) and life-simplifying technology (personalized styling “recipes” based on the Pareto pieces you own).


Balancetopia is scaling medically-tailored meals from local to global delivery using locally sourced ingredients and locally prepared meals for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.


Transform any drink into a deeply hydrating, functional beverage with one quick squeeze.

King of the Curve

Turning student stress into student success through engaging and high-quality test prep


Turnkey Aerial Intelligence with a Plane-in-a-Pack

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