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Aesthetically designed QR code stickers that allow the finder of a lost item to report its location and a description of its position to our customer.


Providing accessible cloud computing services using recycled computer hardware


Leveraging technology to optimize drug authenticity and distribution channel of pharma drugs in sub Sahara Africa

City Closet

City closet is a clothing rental platform which targets Gen Z and Millennial creatives to reduce textile waste.

Paws Crossed for a Match

Paws Crossed is an app for rescues across the nation to match with animals from other shelters in order to relocate shelter animals across state lines and reduce the number of needless shelter euthanizations.


PrePlate is pay by the weight college-campus based grocery store that will reduce the amount of packaging and food waste by allowing customers to bring their own containers for groceries and buying the exact amount they need.


A consulting service that helps aspiring authors, producers, and narrative designers vastly enhance the plot, themes, and meaning of their stories.


A platform that connects users with lookalikes to delegate daily tasks. Hire a twin to attend events, run errands, participate in video calls, and more while maintaining privacy. A fun and easy solution for busy schedules and a unique way to feel what it’s like to have a twin!

MBA Notion

MBA Notion is an online platform that provides personalised DIY admission consulting services using technology at an affordable price to make access to education more equitable.

Unity Cafe

Unity Cafe is an evening and late-night community-centered space that offers coffee and events and engages in social impact by hiring formerly incarcerated individuals.


Making inexpensive, custom, on-demand shoe inserts at point of sale or on demand.

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