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Golf training as a way of promoting equal opportunities for networking to help mend the wage gap.


Wurtains are a cheap and sustainable alternative to air conditioning which, made with high-tech fabric, are curtains that can hold water for up to four hours and naturally cool one’s house as air flows in through the window.


A decompressed pad tablet that expands for use and allows for easier distribution at emergency shelters.


Online marketplace that is catered specifically towards sustainable agricultural technologies for non-industrial farmers.

Lux and Nyx

Lux & Nyx creates work and travel bags for successful women worldwide. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the needs of high-achieving women. We also give back to women-related non-profit organizations through every bag purchased. We are dedicated to understanding our cust

Armor Medical

For obstetric providers who need to identify patients at risk for postpartum hemorrhage, Maternal aRMOR is a biomedical device that enables diagnosis of early hemorrhage when inexpensive and accessible interventions are most effective.


Carma is a mobile app and software platform that connects vehicle owners and auto repair shops to help consumers save on auto repair and drive revenue to local auto repair small businesses.

Safety Line

Safety line is an emergency response system- consisting of community members, mental health workers, and paramedics.


Digitizing Africa’s higher education with a focus on STEM and Business to enhance the employability and employment opportunities for millions of students across Africa and the world

Jump Therapeutics

We have generated a therapeutic antisense oligonucleotide directed against the tumor-specific isoform of a well-characterized and historically “undruggable” oncogene. This asset signifies a compelling proof of concept of a therapeutic platform directed against transposable element-driven oncogenes across cancers.


OneCard is a proxy card that automatically routes transactions to the specific credit card in your wallet that maximizes rewards for any given purchase.


STUD-IO enables architects and builders to realize their boldest ideas.

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