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Experience the world through snacks with BiteShare, the marketplace for snacks from around the globe.

In Central Aisle

The idea centers on creating custom and new designer men’s fashion for casual wear. The men’s clothing style (colors, patterns, etc.) often tends to repeat and our goal is to provide a diverse range of clothing.

AluOmics: Sequencing-free Neoantigen Discovery

AluOmics is developing a low-cost, rapid and scalable approach to defining therapeutically actionable neoantigens within a tumor. Our asset’s uniquely facile implementation will reduce complexity in neoantigen discovery without compromising insight into the patient’s cancer.

Beatly Music

Bringing the best of sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes to music, Beatly Music is the definitive place to find critic and fan reviews.

Drop Point

A solution to the drone delivery dilemma. Drone’s are currently unable to safely deliver packages to their recipients, since customers have no platform for them. Drop Point will create a “mailbox” for drones to pinpoint their exact drop off destination.


Connecting the world through education by utilizing communication and virtual technologies to empower students, teachers and administrators to connect, collaborate and engage with schools around the world.


An app for students to order their favorite on-campus meals delivered by members of their own community.

Creative Cluster School

A schooling system that concentrate on student personal growth and create innovators.

WashU Lingmatch

A platform connecting foreign language learners at WashU to peers who are native speakers. In-person.

Carbon Refinery

Our Solution to Climate Change: the Carbon Refinery, a new type of sustainable infrastructure

Video Posse

Video Posse is a phone app development start-up. The first product is to alert people nearby if you would like others to film your interaction with the police.

Magnify Your Voice

Magnify provides a personalized software platform to build and engage your community.

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