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Women wear 20% of their closets, 80% of the time, yet the retail industry is centered on more – more product, more often. We’re challenging this need for more. Pareto is a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel brand that makes the best version of the clothing you actually wear.

Find Your Farmer

Find Your Farmer is an online platform and grocery delivery service that sources all products from local, ethical, and sustainable farms and artisans.


Forms today are old, late ‘90s technology—so we reinvented forms to be dynamic and meet people where they are. Formli is the most powerful, most human form tool on the internet.

J. Margaret Weaver

Classic, timeless women’s workwear and accessories. Machine washable, size inclusive, and ethically made in the USA for the woman going places.

east carter drive

east carter drive is a meal kit delivery system for women living with hormonal imbalances.

The League Making a Difference

When a female abuse survivor or one of our partners contact us via our website or a referral comes to our easily accessible and comfortable homelike space, we triage all of their needs and connect or provide them with multiple free trauma-informed services and continuum of care.

We Together

An assistance organization for international students studying in the U.S.

Double H-Hometown Help

Double H-Hometown Help is here to support our Chinese students suffering mental illness with professional and feasible help. It is a multifunctional online only platform with therapists, self-care courses, and free mental health education in both Chinese and English.

Volcanic Veggies

Volcanic Veggies is a food production company that processes food waste into healthy and delicious snacks that are strategically marketed to address food insecurity.

The Doctors’ Lounge

Our mission is to empower medical students with the information to execute difficult to reverse career decisions with confidence.

Core Counsel

Core Counsel: A deep communications consultancy based in nonviolent communication.

Magic Mirror

Augmented Reality mirror to help online shoppers see if clothes fit before they buy them.

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