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HeardIt! is a small microphone device that connects to a smart phone app and provides instant closed captioning of a speakers’ presentation to their audience. If allowed by the speaker, audience members can save the closed captions of the lecture for later use.


STEMulate trains young Black individuals for Stem job placement that do not require a four year degree.

Habla Conmigo

Habla Conmigo is an online platform geared towards Spanish speaking children living in the United States. It specializes in a bilingual education approach for children ages 0 to 4 to increase vocabulary so they will thrive in schooling.


An app to help individuals at high risk of having a bad credit score to improve their credit score.

Mentor & Me

A business that pairs students with alumni to help them learn more about the industry that they’re interested in.

Arabic legacy

Arabic tutoring platform for those who live in the US and from Arabic ansecetry but can’t speak Arabic


Oatmeal supplemented with caffeine and protein to fit an on-the-go lifestyle.

NXTUP Marketing

NXTUP connects influencers and athletes to local businesses for marketing opportunities. We believe you don’t need to be a celebrity to leverage your social media presence.


The FlipJack tire changing kit will offer roadside safety and efficiency for all to alleviate the outdates methods of the past.

Banana – Educational Platform

Banana is an online education platform geared towards low-income students looking to learn more about career opportunities after school.

Marathon Gum

caffeinated chewing gum that offers 200mg of caffeine and developed give party people, students, and athletes that extra boost without the crash.

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