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Connecting the world through education by utilizing communication and virtual technologies to empower students, teachers and administrators to connect, collaborate and engage with schools around the world.


XChanger is a financial social media app where users can connect with other investors and follow their investment ventures while posting about their own. The app sports a “dating app” style interface where users can be matched with investments that fit their needs & actions.


An app for students to order their favorite on-campus meals delivered by members of their own community.

Sweet L’Oven Bakes

a one-stop-shop for quality baked goods that provides transparency to the consumer. With our simple recipes, we can guarantee a decadent treat no matter the allergen.

Creative Cluster School

A schooling system that concentrate on student personal growth and create innovators.


Vulvopedia helps women prevent vulvovaginal yeast and bacterial vaginosis recurrence using technology.

MultiFlex Neurovascular Catheter

In order to solve an ongoing problem in neurovascular surgery, we developed the MultiFlex catheter: a variable stiffness endovascular catheter. The Multiflex catheter is able to alter its stiffness profile according to the needs of neurovascular surgeons during intervention.

WashU Lingmatch

A platform connecting foreign language learners at WashU to peers who are native speakers. In-person.


Online marketplace which connects buyers and sellers, and alllows buyers and sellers to voice their needs to discover hidden demand and supply.

Carbon Refinery

Our Solution to Climate Change: the Carbon Refinery, a new type of sustainable infrastructure


A blockchain-based platform for sending and receiving academic credentials

Video Posse

Video Posse is a phone app development start-up. The first product is to alert people nearby if you would like others to film your interaction with the police.

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