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I plan to create a laundry mat franchise in the Global South to help make doing laundry more efficient. Oftentimes in Africa, it is girls who wash clothes by hand and by building cheap laundry mats in these communities I hope to empower girls and impact the local community.

The Poster Board

I want to build a social media platform for orgnizations to post their events while allowing people to share content and hopfully make friends on it.

Pivot: The job board for career pivoters

Pivot is a niche job board that focuses on workers seeking to make a career pivot. Pivot will specifically target individuals from high burnout industries such as nursing, teaching, and hospitality.

Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch simplifies networking to help you create a healthy network.

MultiFlex neurovascular catheter

In order to solve an ongoing problem in neurovascular surgery, we developed the MultiFlex catheter: a variable stiffness endovascular catheter. The Multiflex catheter is able to alter its stiffness profile according to the needs of neurovascular surgeons during intervention.


A machine-learning powered gift-giving platform that helps users brainstorm creative gifts for their acquaintances, and integrating the process of selecting, purchasing, and shipping of the gifts into one platform.


Entertainment production studio that creates content virtually.

7 Bentos

7 Bentos is a food truck business that provides home and community for homeless people while serving healthy food to local residents in a convenient way.


We’re focused on increasing access to primary care in Africa by building a mobile platform that connects physicians, patients, and donors using a simple and transparent payment model based on direct primary care.


A localized approach to scalable sustainably grown food

Lyfe Health

Lyfe Health is a cloud based, A.I. powered, universal health record platform – for iOS, Android, and web – where users can aggregate all of their health info into one, easy to use, central location to keep track of and share whenever and wherever.

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