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Protocol management and accessibility system for improved protocol implementation.


dailycheck is a consumer product that uses artificial intelligence to improve the management of diabetes type 1 & 2.


The CashMax App transforms the way customers optimize their personal finances by providing tailored recommendations to minimize spending on daily purchases.


Central marketplace for online clothes shopping

Agua Viva Retreat LLC

Explore Agua Viva Retreat, a vacation property in scenic Puerto Rico, offering poolside serenity with ocean views, the soothing sound of waves, and an unforgettable island paradise experience.


Simplifying the operating room through mixed reality data fusion.


RestorAsian creates websites completely free for local Asian businesses in St. Louis due to overpriced website companies & overall lack of technological experience to set up a website.


Collectible virtual/physical stickers of WashU’s mascot that anyone can upload/download/purchase/sell to boost school pride

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